A debt collection agency that is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Welcome to Krevea!

Krevea AB is a debt collection agency that is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We offer services that cover the entire credit management process, from credit check of customers to reconciliation of payments. Krevea’s service offerings are governed by the following key principles: result, efficiency and a professional approach in every single case.

Krevea AB has a license to conduct third party debt collection in Sweden and is under the supervision of Data Protection Authority. Please contact us to find out more about how we could tailor solutions for your business that will reduce your credit losses and free up time and liquidity. Focus on what you do best – your core business!

Our services

Credit information

By performing credit checks on potential customers and monitoring your existing customers you reduce the risk of credit loss while gaining a reliable and comprehensive decision support that helps you achieve the desired level of credit risk. We offer in cooperation with Bisnode a full range of credit information services such as credit reports, annual reports, articles of association and monitoring of companies. You could access our credit information services through our website.


Invoice and ledger services

Save money and free-up time by letting us take care of the whole or part of the billing and accounts receivable process, from invoice to payment. The following services are offered:

  • Invoicing
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Payment reminders


Debt collection

We offer a wide range of debt collection services that are adapted to your requirements and industry to best achieve the most efficient debt collection process with focus on result and service in each case. It is also important to us that you, as far as possible, could maintain a good relationship with your customer, even after the debt is paid. We always follow legal requirements and ethical guidelines from authorities and industry associations and treat your customers with respect.

You could add new cases and check progress on existing cases by logging in on our website which also allows you to send messages directly to our case handlers and print reports and statistics.


Debt purchase

Improve your overall financial return and accelerate your company’s cash flow by selling your charged of credit portfolios to us. Our ambition is to always have a good relationship with your customers and work together with them to find sustainable solutions.



Unlike many traditional debt collection companies, we also offer consulting services and training in the credit management area. Efficient and effective processes, governing documents (policies and instructions), accountability and follow-up are just a few examples of key components in an effective credit management process. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you to optimize your credit management process.


If you have any questions please contact us at:

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